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The Ladies Auxiliary VFW was founded in 1914 to help veterans and their families. After 100 years, that is still the primary goal of the organization. We have achieved our own unique identity while working side-by-side with the veterans who belong to VFW.  As of 2015, the Ladies Auxiliary officially changed its name to the VFW Auxiliary.  Membership is open to both men and women who qualify under membership guidelines.


Auxiliary Elected Officers

PRESIDENT                 Connie Peck

GUARD                                  Debbie Wilkerson

SENIOR VICE              Connie Eighmy

CHAPLAIN                             Evelyn King

JUNIOR VICE               Carol Roush

1ST TRUSTEE                       Rita St. Gemme

TREASURER               Betty Rinck 

2ND TRUSTEE                      Faye Nix

CONDUCTRESS         Linda Dailey

3RD TRUSTEE                      Elvina Haney

Appointed Officers

SECRETARY                Laura Peeters

PATRIOTIC INSTRUCTOR            Renee Hudson

HISTORIAN                   Lisa Thompson

Vet/Military Support                         Rita St Gemme

Americanism                 Renee Hudson

Hospital                                             Linda Daily

Legislation PAC           Carol Roush

Membership                                      Betty Rinck

Scholarship                   Betty Rinck

Youth Activities                                Connie Eighmy


Like the VFW, the Auxiliary's interests have broadened to encompass the entire community. The Auxiliary embodies the spirit of America that has prevailed through war and peace. It is solidly behind America today as it was when it was founded. The Auxiliary is an integral part of the VFW and supports a host of programs which pursue issues of national importance to veterans. These programs are designed to preserve veterans’ rights, advocate a strong national defense, promote patriotism and offer community service.

The Auxiliary also has conceived and implemented hundreds of its own volunteer programs to help veterans, their spouses, their children, schools and local communities. The Auxiliary has programs for veterans, their families, young people and the community at large. Many programs have been expanded and now are commonly accepted institutions within the community and nation. Although these programs are run locally, they are also a part of a larger nationwide effort, administered through the Auxiliary National Headquarters.

While continuing to support the VFW and its causes, the Auxiliary has developed a social conscience of its own. With the paramount goal of helping families in distress, its members perform community service, fund cancer research, fight drug abuse and illiteracy, advocate for the rights of the elderly, and support the VFW National Home, Special Olympics, and other worthy causes.

The key to a well-functioning VFW Auxiliary is to work closely with its Post to reach out to our Veterans, their families, the community, our youth, and to each other to do the very best we can to promote patriotism, community service, and support for the future of our children. Here at VFW Post 3404 we strive to be a well-respected and integral part of our community, often joining forces with other organizations in striving to meet the high standards and traditions of our national Veterans of Foreign Wars organization and its Auxiliary.




Rehabilitation is service to the veterans and their families after they leave the hospital. We must never forget the sacrifices our veterans have made to keep our country free. Our veterans and spouses who are senior citizens are a cherished part of our community. We assist them in many ways. By a telephone call, by a card or flowers we try to make a bright spot in their day. Often, it is difficult for senior citizens to get out. We offer them a ride to church or to the doctor or an hour's outing. Our "Adopt-A-Veteran" program allows us to continue to let them know they are not alone and that we are there to help them cope with the everyday problems that arise. We help active duty veterans and their families by participating in "Operation Uplink" which provides long distance telephone calling cards to the personnel serving overseas. We are increasing our emphasis on service to homeless veterans. We work with shelters, missions, food banks and thrift shops that provide for the needs of homeless veterans.



The VFW National Home is a living, breathing memorial. Through Service to our Veterans, our Auxiliary has made a vow to provide love, care and education to the children and grandchildren of our deceased or disabled veterans. We must never falter in our efforts to provide a nurturing and secure environment for the children of our National Home. The home, located in Eaton Rapids, Michigan, is on 630 acres of farm land and has 70 buildings that include brick homes, library, community center, chapel, guest lodge, nursery school, teen center, fire department, administration buildings and its own water treatment and sewage plant. The Health and Happiness Christmas Cheer Fund assures that each child receives a Christmas gift and a gift for members of his or her family.



Through the giving of time, energy, love and devotion, thousands of Veterans have been cheered, comforted, loved and thanked for their DEDICATED SERVICE to us when it was needed. All that we are and have today, we owe to the Veterans who answered the call. Now it is our turn to let them know how much we appreciate all they did, never forgetting their sacrifices. These Veterans can be found in the VA Hospitals, nursing homes, out-patient clinics and in their homes in every community. More and more their numbers are increasing as they become older and experience more health problems. Some of these men and women have no families or relatives to offer them comfort. Auxiliary members sit with them, read for them, or maybe write a letter for them.


Flowers will be sent to any Auxiliary member who is in the hospital and cards for those members who are ill and recovering at home.

For hospital flowers contact: Joye Kane with information at 881-6816.
For cards contact: Joye Kane with information at 881-6816.
POST MEMBERS contact: Louis Thompson at 417-612-3773.



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