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VFW Post 3404

Community Services


VFW Post 3404 is very involved in our community. From scholarship programs like Patriots Pen, Voice of Democracy, Scout of the year, and Teacher of the year, to Flag Education and our Buddy Poppy program.


The Auxiliary is a fraternal, patriotic, historical and educational affiliate of one of the Posts of the VFW.


Its objectives are:


1.   Provide assistance to the VFW Post and its members whenever possible.

2.   Provide assistance to the Auxiliary members whenever possible.

3.   Maintain true allegiance to the Government of the United States of America.

4.   Maintain fidelity to the Constitution and Laws of the United States of America.

5.   Foster true Patriotism.

6.   Maintain and extend the Institutions of American Freedom, Equal Rights and Justice to all men and women.

7.   Preserve and Defend the United States of America from all her enemies whomsoever.


To accomplish these objectives, the Auxiliary has established several programs as listed below:



Members of the Auxiliary are proud of our history of dedication to promoting Americanism. Through Patriotic Education, Citizenship Education and Flag Etiquette demonstrations we hope to foster the love of country within our communities.



Through dedicated programs of loyalty and patriotism the Auxiliary shows our gratitude for the dedicated service the veterans gave on our behalf and for our freedom. Although the weapons of war have changed over the years, the challenge to stand up for what we believe has not. We salute the veterans and active military who have answered their country’s call to arms. The National Flag represents the living country and is considered to be a living thing, emblematic of the respect and pride we have for our Nation. Our Flag should be displayed proudly in a place of honor.



The "Voice of Democracy" audio essay competition offers an opportunity to instill the proud legacy of patriotism in the young people. Students are encouraged to appreciate values and ideals for which the veterans sacrificed so much.




Inspired by the poem "In Flander's Field," the VFW continues its members' desires to serve America. We distribute Buddy Poppies to the public. This hand-made symbol of the Memorial provides an outstanding way for us to honor those who died by helping their comrades who are now in need. Handicapped veterans make the Buddy Poppies for the VFW. We purchase them, providing a small income for that veteran. Then, we offer them to the public as we solicit donations for our needy comrades and their loved ones. All funds raised in this manner are reserved for this cause, exclusively. All through this process our veterans are helped. This is a general outreach program for all veterans, not just VFW members. For more information, visit the VFW Community site.




We have the responsibility to instruct the youth of our nation. Our school age children must be educated in the history of our country, how to honor and respect the Flag and the debt owed to our veterans. We can no longer assume that these values will be taught in the home or included in school curriculums. Today's children will be tomorrow's leaders. If our democratic way of life is to endure, our children must know the struggles incurred to establish our government. If the freedoms we enjoy are to continue for future generations, the children must be taught to appreciate how precious these freedoms are. The youth of our nation are our most precious commodity and our most valuable natural resource. Children are not born with a love for their country, honor for the Flag or respect for our veterans, these values must be taught. Local Auxiliary units sponsor the Junior Unit for youngsters between the ages of 6 and 16. Its purpose is to instill love and respect for the veterans as the child matures. Junior membership is open to children, foster children, grandchildren, brothers and sisters, step and foster brothers and sisters of VFW members or men or women who would be eligible for VFW membership.


The Auxiliary organizes and sponsors activities for the neighborhoods where they live. It also assists in their Post's sponsored endeavors. These projects benefit the city, town, neighborhood, other organizations, institutions, or individuals.






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